What are we Offering?

Our services and solutions comprise Software and Professional services which focus on enabling businesses and governments to improve stakeholder communications in a manner that drives financial performance and social impact.

Organisations operating in developing countries are confronted by a complex and costly challenge of Developing countries all have a common logistical challenge characterised by the high cost and poor quality of mobile connectivity. The irony is that populations in these markets are early adopters of mobile phones yet data is prohibitively costly.

We provide a software solution to solve the complex and costly challenge of delivering highly engaging communication and learning content to diverse stakeholders for organisations with a geographically distributed workforce and consumers in emerging markets. Our proprietary technology delivers high impact training anywhere, anytime, any literacy, any language even high-definition video in low bandwidth markets.

We have also packaged our product to facilitate job creation and social upliftment for social enterprise development requirements in rural communities. Affordability, Simplicity, Customisable. The only all-inclusive learning & communication solution for low bandwidth markets that delivers high impact engagement anywhere, anytime, any language including high definition video for less than a good quality text book.

Our high-definition video modules of only 2 minutes equate to up to 15 days traditional training and a five times greater retention level, as per Harvard University studies. So only two modules of 4 minutes per day equates to a month of traditional training per annum. Imagine the possibilities if your staff were trained to this level of competence or your consumers were so knowledgeable about your products.

Increase revenue, reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction through conveniently accessible high impact, personalised communications.
Training-> Compliance-> Auditable competence-> Accountable workforce performance improvement!!

Does your training investment translate to an auditable attendance register or increased performance outcomes? Attendance = Compliance Auditable competence = Increased performance Touch formula for success: High performance business = continuous learning to an exacting standard = informed + productive workforce = increased customer satisfaction + increased revenue + increased predictability + increased agility.

There's allot of focus on eLearning solutions for staff with access to technology but no focus on the frontline customer touchpoint or consumer whom seldom have affordable or stable access to mobile data. Our solution extends the effectiveness of educational awareness to reach all stakeholders using the most cutting-edge technology to eliminate the tech literacy barrier.

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