Nimble Technology

Agility and responsiveness are core attributes of high performing businesses which is reflected in our design architecture which can be quickly adapted to your strategic priorities of increasing revenue, improving brand experiences and reducing operating risk.

Fully Customizable Technology

High performing business have a unique DNA that define their success and differentiate them from the norm. Touch enables sustained high performance by providing a fully customizable ‘plug and play’ technology platform that is aligned and empowers your unique DNA.

Measurable Results

Touch provides comprehensive analytics, so you can monitor the effectiveness of your engagement across multiple stakeholder groups. These detailed measurable results provide actionable knowledge from which fact based, informed decisions can be made fast!

About Touch Africa

We bridge the digital divide between people and Brands Relevant information in highly engaging video conveniently accessible on your mobile device. Anywhere, Anytime, Any language and without mobile connectivity Comprehensive analytics for Brands to make informed factual decisions to growth performance. Design, Build, Launch and Measure new communication campaigns in 20 minutes Mass market reach yet personalised engagement.

Authenticity personified - Engage with your stakeholders in a personalised manner anywhere, anytime, any language and receive detailed analytics of their understanding of your message. Our clients use Touch technologies to increase product awareness, reduce cost of sales, improve brand loyalty, enhance organisational change, improve training and We touch people’s lives through effective communication that’s more than just a good experience but makes it profitable too. Touch is a software technology business that enables Brands to achieve high performance in the three R’s (Revenue, Reputation and Risk)

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